A game for gamers, game-collectors and game-sellers - A game around gaming

A game by
Friedemann Friese,
Thorsten Gimmler,
Martina Hellmich,
Hartmut Kommerell and
Andrea Meyer
Published by Druebberholz e.V. - Spielezentrum Niedersachsen, 2003
sold out

The game

119 cards with characteristics of games are used for such different games as "Ludofacts", "Haste Ludo", and "Ludo mio". This is about quizzing and about games. If you love to acquire hotels, to put files ad acta, or to wander through Finstere Flure to buy Fische, Fluppen, Frikadellen, this is your game. Try to score high by naming faster, more or more rare games than the others.

Attention: At least one other player should know the game you named, otherwise you get penalties.

And here is what the others say:

We had also much fun with Ludoviel, the fun trivia game about games designed by Andrea Meyer and Friedemann Friese, but this is clearly targeted at a very small niche marcket - exactly the people who will read this report.

Source: Bruno Faidutti