An infuntive game for 4 to 6 players ages 13 and up

by Andrea Meyer

Artwork: Daniel Müllenbach
Translations: Ted Alspach, William Attia, Andrea Meyer, Silvano Sorrentino, Nobuaki Takerube
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Japanese

Length of a game: ca. 30-45 minutes
Price: 19,90 EUR plus package and postage.
1. edition (October 2011)

Is Frigiti a small fridge or a magazine for women aged 50 plus? In the game you roll letter dice and form a non-existent word. Afterwards, you define what this word means. Of course there is no "correct" answer. Instead you try to find funny definitions to make the others laugh!


  • 3 dice with vowels
  • 7 dice with consonants
  • 78 tokens
  • 1 pad with 100 sheets
  • 1 rulebook


Karen rolls the dice and lays the word "Frigiti". She herself defines Frigiti as "Magazine for women aged 50 plus". HaPe's definition is: "A small fridge". Fred writes: "Inuit woman after her menopause". Andrea defines Frigiti as "distaste for frying fat".
Karen then shuffles the sheets and hands one to every player. The players then read out the definitions on the sheets they received in clockwise order, and repeat a keyword from the defintion afterwards.
Now everybody marks the definition they wrote themselves and the two definitions they liked best. Afterwards everybody distributes three tokens accordingly and the next round starts.

Frequently asked questions:

Each set of rules is only as good as the creativity of those who write it. We tried to explain all contingencies and anything unclear, however, experience shows that this usually only has limited success. Plus: In general each mistake or missing information in a set of rules will be found sometime. And most probably somebody will try it, for whatever reason.

Hence here is a list of questions on the rules of "Frigiti", which will be updated regularly. If you have an open question not answered here yet, email it to info [at], you will get an answer asap. THANK YOU!


  • you may create words without vowels. Everything you define as a word is one!
  • Frigiti can be played in any language.